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Dr. Jan Telensky


Dr Telensky, left, pictured here with Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Best known in Slovakia for his multi-Award Winning AquaCity Poprad Complex.


Eric Wiltsher

broadcast Director, chief cook and bottle washer

Pictured here in his natural habitat, resting on a studio mixer.To get in touch – http://www.rti.fm/contact-us/


Rachel Brunsden

Radio presenter

Rachel grew up in a theatrical and musical household and caught the acting bug very early in life. By the time she was 12 she was a professional child actor in theatre and television, appearing in such gems as “Prisoner Cell Block H”, “Neighbours” and worse!!!. She was approached by a commercial radio station in the late 90’s to host a 2 hour _chat_ show with a fantastic co-host and the show lasted for a fun filled year. Rachel enjoyed the medium as it allowed her to go to work in her PJ’s and look like a train wreck if she so wished. Perhaps that is why she is BACK behind the mic!

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Leigh G Banks

Radio presenter

Leigh G Banks is the Tabloid Terror of RTI.fm – his background is the UK’s battered and berated national newspaper industry where he worked on some of the biggest stories of the last 30 years, hunting down Savile, Cyril Smith, the last days of the Yorkshire Ripper, the tragic death of Diana and MPs expenses scandal … he says: “Tabloid headlines are known as ‘Shouters’ and that’s what I am, a SHOUTER! If I think it’s corrupt or just plain wrong, if it’s something people need to know, if it’s heartbreaking and tragic and even if it’s just plain funny, it’s my job to shout about it!”Leigh has been SHOUTING on Postcard from Poprad for more than six years now and says it ‘must be the funniest serious news and consumer campaigning show ever!’Leigh, a Manc who now lives in the UK’s real Village of the Damned, also has his own rock show, The Trip.

To get in touch – http://www.rti.fm/contact-us/

Gabi – Happy dayzz show

During His Tour of Duty in the Former Yugoslavia, Gabi was not happy with the atmosphere within in the relaxation zone of the troops. So he requested that he be allowed to spin some good old fashion 50’s and 60’s tracks in the evening hours to boost morale.

Now instead of sitting quietly and feeling sad the Troops started to have more fun in the evenings with less worries about their daily jobs and missing home.

The next step for him was to convince his Leadership to give him access to an old abandoned FM station on the Base which hasn’t been used for years in order for him to reach all the Allied troops in the region with the same intention…..Play Happy Music and boost the moral.

Did it work out? Of course, it did 😊

Since his move to Slovakia his ‘Radio Career’ went on a downhill spiral due to language until he moved to Poprad in 2016 and met RTI.

So, get ready for some happy music with the Happy Dayzz Show from your Radio Producer Gabi The Loony Dutch Guy on RTI.

You can like and comment on FB via @HappyDayzzonRTI

Pete Matthewman – My Country Australia

My name is Pete Matthewman and I hail from Brookfield a smallish country town about 50km west of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

I have been the host of My Country Radio Show on our local community radio station Apple 98.5 FM for the past 2 years and I also host My Country Radio Show Australia Online which is played on mixcloud.

My love of country music started about 10 years ago, when I was introduced to Rascal Flatts and ever since that day I have been hooked.

When I started MCRS it was predominately American country music that I played but for the past 12 months I have found that Australia has some of the best country music artists going around today and they now take up most of the show.

Australian country music has come a long way in the recent past and I can proudly say we have the best artist’s and music in the world.

In my private life, I am married with 2 kids and 3 grandkids, I work fulltime for a logistics company and am involved with sporting clubs in my local area.

I look forward to bringing you all the latest and greatest Aussie country music.

Paul Brown – LBP stories

Paul Brown, the host, producer and editor (yes a one man band) of LBP Stories. Paul is an LBP himself, his son Liam was taken from Australia to Japan by his mother (Paul’s ex-wife) in 2005 at aged Two and a half. Aside from a brief 2 seconds of eye contact in 2013 Paul has not seen Liam since.

After being largely overlooked by mainstream media, Paul decided he wanted to give something back to the LBP community by providing a forum for them to share their stories. He also hopes this podcast will provide hope, help and assistance to others who are affected by International Parental Child Abduction.

When not working on the podcast and advocating for child/parent rights, Paul is a Science Communicator and self confessed nerd, as well as a guitarist and song writer. He lives with his new Wife, Step Son and Daughter.

Dave Rhodes – The Dave Rhodes Experience

Dave Rhodes is the man behind the name DJR Creative, why DJR? – well they are his initials, and it seemed to work quite well! Creative, because that’s what he is!, Dave has been part of in the UK’s Media industry for over 25 years – working in Radio, TV and Video Production.

He became hooked on radio at an early age and started making mix tapes for his friends and DJing at parties at a local youth club, that gave him the chance to work on a number of local charity radio stations, it was here where he met RTI’s Eric Wiltsher, and then soon he was part of the “Satellite Surgery” and “Media Zoo” creating the jingles and co presenting, as well as hosting other shows on the station.

He’s continued to DJ, host events and work on other projects mainly behind the scenes, but he’s been tempted back to the wireless, but it’s not that bad though! – The good news is for the time being you won’t hear him waffling on at all. Think of his show as a Weekly 1 Hour Mix tape for RTI! Although, we can’t guarantee to keep him quiet forever!

Rich Appel – That thing with Rich Appel

Rich has spent most of his life listening to and loving music and radio, and working in the radio, music and media businesses. From high school and college radio to recent on-air work at stations like WRNJ (where he hosted The Rest of the Week with Rich Appel and filled in mornings, middays and afternoons), WGHT and Pop Gold Radio (where he’s filled in as host forThe Time Machine countdown), it’s all led up to that thing.

Rich’s background goes beyond just radio – far beyond. Following 20 years at Sony Music Entertainment (home to Columbia and RCA Records, among others), he was editor of Billboard’s Top 40 Update and continues to write for the magazine and website, with written popular chart-based series such as “Hot 100’s Hottest Weeks” and “Revisionist History.”

Chris Medhurst – “Soul’d on Funk”

Chris is a big fan of soul, funk and rare grooves both the classics and the modern.

You’ll not hear that much of Chris because he thinks the music is the star of the show.

He started in radio over 20 years ago mainly answering the phone for Eric lol on the old satellite surgery back in the QEFM days, more recently has been heard on a community station in and around the Surrey area in the south of England. The name of his show “Soul’d on Funk” basically says it all its classic soul & funk from the 70s through to the 90s.

Paul Whatley – British Music Rocks

As long as he can remember Paul Whatley has been an avid fan of British rock starting with the band Wings from the 70’s. Thereafter he became a huge Paul McCartney fan and then a Beatles fan. Then Paul starting listening to other British rock bands with an emphasis on British Invasion from the 60’s. Once MTV aired in the early 80’s and with the second British Invasion, Paul’s love for British rock only grew.

Jeremy Rees – Sound of the Blues

Jeremy was bitten by the music bug when he was very young and never found the antidote. He made his first radio broadcast on a local hospital radio station aged just 16, where the more elderly patients were doubtless rather bemused by his juvenile attempts to emulate the style of the Alan Freeman Rock Show when the majority of requests were for songs by Des O’Connor or Al Martino!
In the years that followed (and he concedes there have been a fair number of these…), he became an avid collector of music from a very broad range of genres – Soul, Blues, Folk, Jazz, Rock, Pop & Country – and developed a passion for discovering rarities and forgotten classics, while at the same time championing new music.

Soul of The Blues with Jeremy Rees features new releases & classic tracks covering a broad spectrum of Blues & soul-based music – everything from Mississippi Delta blues to roots rock; rhythm & blues and Southern Soul; from Leadbelly to Hozier. It regularly features live studio sessions.

Jeremy Rees – Sweet Company

Vintage music show celebrating the songs of the 30s, 40s, 50s & 60s presented by singer and pianist Rachel Lewis (who plays some of them on the piano), and Jeremy Rees.

Features all-time greats by stars like Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan, Billy Eckstine, Vera Lynn, Nat King Cole, The Mills Brothers and many, many more.

Each week Rachel chooses songs from the era to play in the studio on the piano from the original sheet music – some of which are not commercially today.

Aimed both at listeners who may remember the songs and the growing number of younger people becoming interested in the music of this era.

Steve Bishop – Old Record Club

He has mainly been button pressing behind the scenes at UK radio stations such at Invicta FM, Capital Gold, BBC Radio Kent and Breeze AM in Essex. He presented a Sunday morning show on Radio Caroline for a few years back in the early 2000’s but now takes things nice and easy in his own studio at home on the north Kent coast, where he records his (syndicated) show. A keen supporter of Queens Park Rangers but he doesn’t know why as they never come and see him when he is bad. He drinks a lot of tea and his favourite food is KitKat Chunky’s.


Johnny Reece

Johnny Reece – The Album Zone

Johnny relaxes at the AZ Tower Studio prior to another information packed Albumzone soirée.Johnny Reece aka ‘The Guvnah’ has been broadcasting programme for various stations over the past couple of decades, to the UK, USA, Netherlands, France, and Slovakia. According to which particular source of information you read, Reece was born in either 1966, 1962, or 1958. However, when very drunk, he has attempted to claim he was born in 1973. Perhaps he doesn’t know. I say this, because I asked him, and he said “I don’t know”. This is, of course, a lie.What isn’t a lie is the fact that he has been buying Music since he was 7, boasts a personal collection of over 20,000 Albums (having run his own Record Shop in the past did rather help that) and still helps out on the production side at a record company, in between writing the odd song here and there for friends Bands. ‘Odd’ being the operative word, he insists. And the rest, as they say, is hysterical. What of his Shows on this Archive ? Well, you’ll hear Album tracks covering at least 50 years. Anything from new and forthcoming releases, back to the halcyon days of Album Rock from 60s to 80s, and the occasional nod into the Rock n Roll era too, if the mood takes. If he thinks it’s good, it goes in. That’s the rule.Johnny Reece : may contain nuts.


Jim Stevens

Jim Stevens’ Happy Hour

Like many radio presenters of a ‘certain age’, I caught the radio ‘bug’ when I listened to the pirates in the 1960s on my ‘tranny’. The jingles were my favourite part and ‘Big L’ had the best ones.

In the seventies, I started broadcasting on a hospital radio station in Surrey and one of my shows won a national competition for best hospital radio programme. Noel Edmonds was one of the judges!

In 1976, I became a Butlin’s redcoat presenting music and chat from their Radio Butlin studios at Clacton in Essex. Great fun, but very hard work.

In the 1990’s, I did the weekday morning show on Eclipse FM which broadcast on cable and FM. One of our directors was Dave Cash.

A couple of years ago, I did a spell on the weekday afternoon show of a commercial station at the seaside in East Sussex.

My most embarrassing moments in radio were interviewing Bo Didley who insisted I call him ‘Mr. Didley’, and when I interviewed the comedian Richard Digance and I got a nose-bleed halfway through!

I now really enjoy presenting my weekly Happy Hour show – and I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it!

Robin Dee

Robin Dee hosts “Robin Dee’s BIG Country”, a fast-paced 60-minute show playing the very best in New Country and Country Rock, including many new unsigned artists with their own original material.”A little bit about me? How long have you got? Very briefly, a lifetime of experience in radio presentation and production over the years, beginning with hospital radio, then local commercial radio, progressing into internet radio which I have been very active in since 1999. All of this alongside my main careers of car salesman, used car dealership proprietor, retail petroleum equipment engineer, and finally, truck driver. Now retired, I can dedicate my time to my first love – radio!

Mark Dodson

I Love music, & being on the radio playing the music that I love is a great feeling.
When I’m away from the mic, I enjoy spending time with family, I also enjoy watching comedies old & new (although the old ones are the best) Join me for Go Retro, my feel good 80s & 90s show, the songs that you know & love plus some that you won’t have heard for ages.


Keith Rogers

After a short period of retirement the barmy brummy returns to the wireless. Keith is a member of RTI’s Friday Night is Music Night team.

Carnaby Cat

A cockney chappy, hailing from the bustling metropolis, Carnaby Cat now resides in a Cattery in East Anglia named Carnaby Cat House, protected by two large stone lions. He is a middle-aged mocker (a cross between a mod and a rocker for those not in the know) who gets younger by the day. Cat is fiercely proud of his vinyl collection. When asked about vinyl, he says ‘I’d never wear anything else’. He suggests he has one of the largest 1960s music collections in the UK, although such claims remain unsubstantiated. He also has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things 1960s (and science fiction) , which he loves to share. Cat has been a 60s DJ for many years and contributes to music magazines and books. So for your 60s listening pleasure, fun, facts and frivolity, The Carnaby Cat is your.. err ..man (cat). You can contact him at carnabycat66@aol.co.uk .

Kross Well

Kross Well

Kross Well, with my real name : Abdelilah Lamssane. Born in April 15th, 1993 in small village besides Safi City (Morocco).When I was a child, I wasn’t that kid who’s playing Football every day, I almost had no hobbies, tell one day when I was 15 years old, when my life get changed.My story about how did I get into this domain, it’s kind of funny; It was one afternoon in 2008 while I was looking for a Computer program, with which I can cut music and made some ringtones for my cell phone. And suddenly I found the famous Djing program “Virtual DJ”, at that time I wasn’t known yet what does it mean a DJ, or for what kind of things that program could be used. But after a while I discovered for the first time some DJ’s show, and I really loved that so much, so I said to myself “I want to be a DJ”.And I start learning from some tutorial videos on Youtube, I get inspired by a lot of DJ’s, my favorites ones who had gave me a lot of love for this domain are: David Guetta, Tiesto and my most favorite DJ: Bob Sinclar.In 2010 I decided to start DJing using “DJ Abidos” as a name, I start making Mixes & Mash-Ups, I spend like 1 year before changing my DJ name to “Adam Van D” in 2011, I continued with that name till I change it again to “DJ Abdo ByNayt” in 2012. And with that last one, I mixed in a school party with some class mates in March 2013. In October –the same year- I started working for a Moroccan Web Radio “Safi Radio FM” as a recorder and editor of programs, I was charging of montage, making Jingles, Broadcasting in Live…etc.In January 2014 I got supported by a Moroccan DJ called “DJ Asho”, who’s working for the N°1 Dance music Radio here in Morocco “HIT RADIO”, and he supported me by playing one of the mash-ups that I made in his Weekly radio show “GALAXY DANCEFLOOR”.In April 2014, I got a big chance to be a DJ Guest in a French web Radio called “BestRadio” for one hour of Mix.In June 2014, I decided to stop using that name as a DJ, and it took from me like 2 months to find a new name “Kross Well”, and I re-started over with a new radio show called “Kross Well RadioShow”. Every week I make a new Episode of 60 minutes.In October 2014, I participated in an Arabic DJ’s competition called “Philips M1X”, for DJ’s from Middle-East & Africa and I made it to the Top 5.In the last month of 2014, I started producing musinc.In February 2015, I get qualified to the semi-final of a national competiton “Master DJ on Hit Radio”, organizated by the N°1 Dance Music Radio in Morocco “Hit Radio” & Red Bull.If you asked me about my hobbies, my favorite game, my favorite sport or what I do in my free time? I have only one answer: Mixing music, Djing for me it’s a way of life, it’s my “everything”.


Rick Wrigley

From the time he was a teenager, Rick Wrigley always knew that he wanted to be a broadcaster. He grew up listening to great radio stations like WPDQ and WAPE in Jacksonville Florida in the USA. His early influencers were the DJs that rocked the radio dial in the late 50s through the 70s.In 1963 he did his first radio show at WUSC in Columbia South Carolina and that experience locked it all in for him. He found magic in spinning the records and making people feel good as they went through the day. His career spanned the decades with gigs in front of the mike and behind the scenes in both radio and television. His TV career included working on remote teams for NBC, CBS,ABC, PBS and ESPN. But radio was always his first love. To that point, now that he is semi-retired he is back on the air at WUSC now an FM station doing an oldies show. He can also be heard on several internet radio, most notably Radio Tatras International. He jumped at the chance to join the RTI team because of the other professional voices that cover the globe with great music and talk. His shows are “old school” in that his style is high speed, high energy with high production value. If you want to sit back and enjoy radio the way it was meant to be, don’t miss the Backbeat Show every weekend on RTI.

DJ Yassine

I started with djing since 2003 during my student time in a small student disco in Munich. Since then I mixed in a couple of bars in Munich, but mostly did djsets for online radio stations. Music is my passion and greatest hobby, so I always try to combine it with my actual job.

martina-petraThe long suffering (…she told us to write that)

Petra Norris 

Station PA

Left, Eric’s long suffering Fiancée Martina, on the right that’s Petra

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Igor Lukastik

Graphic designer/Webmaster

Photo taken on vacation. That’s where you can find him most of the time.

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