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RTI Gold made solely by human beings, no juke box software in the building!!!

RTI Gold Provisional Launch

So why RTI2 Gold?

We have listened to so many Gold stations and in short, they sound OLD!

Radio was always exciting, happy and positive!!!

So why are station supposedly for the over 40’s full of ballads, negative lyrics, and worse still the people programming stations don’t actually programme the stations. They are based on ‘focus groups’ These are the annoying calls you receive from people saying ‘do you like this track?
Most of the time what these research companies is at best a compromise answer. IT shouldn’t be that way.

So how should a good station by programmed?

FROM THE GUT. The guy/gal putting it together should stand or fall due to his/her views. Whatever the outcome, a single person is responsible – radio boss’ STOP blaming everyone else for your failures

Will RTI Gold appeal to everyone?

For sure NO! If you happy listening to second rate album filler tracks – RTI Gold is not for you. However, if you want, happy, energetic, positive radio – now you really do have something!!!

How to contact RTI Gold?

Use the contact page please

For the Anoraks – what juke box, automation software do you use?

RTI Gold is NOT a jukebox – every single show it put together by a real person, you can tell it doesn’t sound like a robot!